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Summer Time Thirst - Water Please

Michelle Mirizzi • MS, Registered Dietitian • Jul 01, 2011

hydration water for children during summer

With all the summertime activities kids will be thirsty. That means they will need more water.  The American Association of Pediatrics has recommended that children and teens drink water for hydration.  They have also recommended staying away from drinks that have sugar and/or caffeine like energy drinks, sports drinks and sodas.  
A lot of children will think they are hungry but all they really need to do is drink some water.  Water has zero calories and is the perfect drink to keep your child hydrated during the hot summer months.  Think about installing a better water filtration system or look into Quench water coolers to promote good water drinking habits.

Promote Water As The Main Drink For Summer

With all the summertime activities and hotter weather kids will be extra thirsty.  Make an effort to keep water as the main beverage for your kids all summer long.

  • Keep the refrigerator stocked with bottles of water or have water bottles available to fill up with cold water.
  • Send children to summer camp with a filled water bottle.
  • If your child is doing outdoor sports during summer time, teach them to drink a few sips of water every 15-20 minutes.
  • Teach children to drink water before they are thirsty. 
  • Juices, fruit punch and sodas can have a lot of added sugar and empty calories - keep these drinks for a special occasion.
  • You can try adding some juice to plain soda water or to water to give water a little fruit flavor.  A typical serving of fruit juice is ¾ cup. Make sure the label states 100% fruit juice. 
  • Be a great role model and drink lots of water.








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Written by Michelle MirizziWritten on Jul 01, 2011Last updated on Oct 10, 2014




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