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Summer Vacation Activity Ideas For The Family

Michelle Mirizzi • MS, Registered Dietitian • Jun 02, 2009

It's summer time and you want to get the kids out the door and being active.
But if you tell the kids to go exercise, they aren't so excited.
If you find activities that the kids enjoy then they will want to participate, because they are having fun.  And that is the key, keeping it fun.
Be creative and come up with ideas together as a family and come up with ways to have fun and be active throughout summer time.
If you can make it a family event, everyone can join in, get some exercise, keep fit and have great family time.


Summer Activity Ideas

Summer time will be a breeze with all these fun activities:
  • families and children active fun during summer vacationKeep a well stocked supply of water toys like squirt guns or water balloons. Anything to do with water and using the hose will entertain kids for hours.
  • Enjoy the swimming pool. Encourage swim races or a game of Marco Polo. Have a swimming contest and ask a grown up to be a judge. Always follow the water safety rules posted in public swimming pools.
  • Play with the water hose or jump through sprinklers on a hot day.
  • Shoot some hoops! Play a game of HORSE or one-on-one. Basketball is a great way to get your child’s heart rate up and it also improves their hand/eye coordination. Make sure to lower the height of the        basket and play with smaller balls if you have younger children.
  • active children ideas during summertimeSet up an obstacle course in your backyard or at a playground. Use a variety of obstacles to challenge their skills such as a jump rope, soccer ball or tennis racket.
  • Visit the tennis courts in your neighborhood. Whether your kids run around the court and collect the balls or try to hit them as hard as they can, tennis will get their heart pumping!
  • Invite the neighborhood kids to play in an organized game. Set up a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood or organize a softball game with all the kids and adults.
  • Revisit your childhood and join your kids for some fun outdoor games. Remember the games like Mother May I, red light/green light, Simon says, or hopscotch? Forget how to play? Just ask your kids. They will know!
  • There are some days when it is just too hot to go outside. That is when video games such as Dance, Dance Revolution or the Wii fit game might come in handy.
  • Check out the local youth center, recreation programs and YMCA for fun indoor activities










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Written by Michelle MirizziWritten on Jun 02, 2009Last updated on Aug 27, 2013




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