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Steps For Parents To Increase Family Exercise

Michelle Mirizzi • MS, Registered Dietitian • Nov 05, 2011

The kids are glued to the TV or playing their video games.  Hours have passed by and they still have not moved.  How do you get them motivated to become more active?  

The first step is to realize that this needs to be a family goal.  It will be challenging to get the kids more active if the rest of the family is sedentary.

Here are some steps to preparing the family for a more active lifestyle and, more importantly, getting them to agree to participate!


Planning Family Exercise

Here are some planning steps to getting the family ready for a more active lifestyle:
healthy active children exercise daily
  • Talk as a family about why it is important for creating some time to be active as a family.
  • Agree as a family so everyone is on board.
  • Start by making a list of the activities of activities you enjoy.
  • Encourage everyone, including the children, to give their suggestions and look for activities that everyone can do.
  • For fun, have the kids create a family “Being Active Is Fun” Calendar to remind everyone.
  • Plan one activity a week
  • Activities can be simple like a family walk or bike ride. 
  • If you can’t do once a week, then start once a month and add another activity as your schedules permit.
  • Start with 15-20 minutes and work your way up to an hour.
  • Try to plan something special once a month or every other month, like a trip to the zoo.
The first step is always getting everyone to agree.  Before long, the kids will be looking forward to family active time!








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Written by Michelle MirizziWritten on Nov 05, 2011Last updated on Nov 12, 2014




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