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Peaking Your Child's Interest In Fruits And Vegetables

Anne Kolker • MS, Registered Dietitian • Apr 06, 2011
Of course, you want your kids to eat healthier foods but the challenge is how do you do this without nagging and creating a negative experience at the dinner table. That is the real challenge!
We understand that with all the tasks you manage daily, who has time to come up with practical solutions.
We have put together specific ideas and tips on how to increase your child’s interest in fruits and vegetables in a positive way.

Tips to Help Peak Kids’ Interest in Fruits and Vegetables

Keeping fruits and vegetables interesting and fun will help kids become more curious about their taste. Find ways to have them interact with these healthy foods in fun ways!
  • Share some fun food facts. The more kids learn about fruits and vegetables, the more interested they may become in itfruits and vegetables healthy foods for kids
  • Plant your own fruits and vegetables on your deck, large pottery or in your yard
  • Having your child plant the seeds and take care of the plant while it grows is a very fun way to help them learn about fruits and vegetables
  • Have them pull or pick the vegetable or fruit! You may be surprised at how interested they will become
  • Take a trip to the local farm. This is a great outing for the kids and a fun way for them to see first hand food growing on a farm
  • Find picking farms that let you pick your fruit or vegetable during harvest time
  • Have the kids find recipes that use fruits and vegetables
  • Try cutting fruits and vegetables into different shapes and let them make a picture before eating them
  • Have them play some online nutrition games that are fun and teach them about healthy choices.
  • Celebrate success even if they are small steps
Finding ways to increase your child’s fruits and vegetables doesn’t have to be a great undertaking. Start with just a few changes and allow your family to gradually become used to it. Then add more healthy changes over time so that it doesn’t feel like an abrupt change in lifestyle. Habits take time to develop.










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Written by Anne KolkerWritten on Apr 06, 2011Last updated on Nov 13, 2014




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