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February Family Tips

  1. A five year old needs about 2 cups of non-fat or 1% milk each day.
  2. A healthy heart starts with a healthy breakfast.
  3. Go lean with protein with a handful of nuts.
  4. Kids learn best when it is fun. Games and stories are a fun way for kids to learn about nutrition.
  5. Try mixing half white rice and half brown rice!
  6. Teach your child how to find their heart rate.
  7. Involve your kids in making dinners each day.
  8. Find activities that the family can do together.
  9. Help your kids learn about healthier foods at the grocery store. Read the food labels.
  10. Kids like to feel great. Teach them how to be good to their heart.
  11. Try leaving the peal on an apple for more fiber.
  12. Try adding some bran to your muffin recipe.
  13. Share activity ideas with other parents.
  14. Happy Valentine's Day. Be good to your heart today by enjoying a physical activity together as a family after dinner.
  15. Broccoli is the superhero of vegetables with vitamin A, calcium, folic acid and vitamin C.
  16. Have the kids help wash the fruits and vegetables.
  17. Salmon has omega 3 heart healthy fat.
  18. Cut up some fruit with a low fat dip.
  19. Always wear a bicycle helmet, no matter how short or long the ride.
  20. Turn the TV off during mealtimes.
  21. The standard recommendation of water intake for children is at least 6-8 glasses (1.5 - 2 liters) a day.
  22. Breakfast fills your child's "empty tank" to get them going after a long night of sleeping.
  23. Look for the words "100% whole" when buying whole wheat or whole grains.
  24. Make a smoothie with fruit, ice, and low-fat or fat-free milk.
  25. Introduce one new food at a time. Introduce it with another food they enjoy.
  26. Cabbage is a rich source of Vitamin A, C, E and B! So serve it up with your kids' favorite meal.
  27. For chocolate lovers, eat antioxidant-rich, heart-healthy, organic dark chocolate
  28. Studies show that kids who eat breakfast maintain or lose weight.
  29. Make the foods interesting. Jazz up those vegetables and fruits. Kids love dipping foods, so how about adding a low fat dip for their vegetables or fruits. Serve them their vegetable with a vegetable made of into a picture or funny face.




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