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Burger King launches new foods for kids

Posted on Jul 07, 2008 by Maggie LaBarbera

Burger King is going green and introducing a new healthier kids meal. Well, I am not a big supporter of fast foods but when they try to do something good, well you gotta give 'em some props.

Burger King will be launching this month:

  • a recycleable meal bag (..going green)
  • a new snack food: sliced apples which will be packaged to look just like fries but when you take a bite,'s not fried it fresh sliced apples. It might a little nice surprise for you young ones.
  • a Kraft macaroni and cheese dish that will be around 350 calories and less than 25% fat.
Not sure what they will be charging for sliced apples. let's see if they put the marketing dollars behind it to make it fun and appealing to the they do with their other higher fat food items. I tried the sliced apples, and they were fresh and good.

If any of you have tried the new foods, let me know. Would love to hear how your kids are responding to it, how it is being marketed to the kids compared to their other food items.

To read, here is the article.





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