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Nourishing Product Reviews

Jan 28, 2015

Summer learning - don't let your kids experience fall behind

It is only January and most of us are not thinking about summertime. Depending on where you live, there could be a ton of snow surrounding your home (not me, I live in California!) and summer is the furthest thought from your mind. But kid...
Aug 06, 2012

Nourish Interactive awards gold, silver and bronze medals to Nutrition Games olympic winners

Find out the most popular games that have received a gold, silver and bronze medal at
Apr 15, 2011

Promote healthy foods with fun kids and parents costumes

Getting your child excited about healthy foods can sometimes require a little creativity and imagination!I am always looking for fun new ways to get kids excited about fruits and vegetables.  Those are the two food groups that most kids do not eat enou...
Mar 14, 2011

Kids Cook Monday website launches and promotes joy of cooking to kids

Introducing… The Kids Cook Monday! Over the last 30 years, there has been a dramatic shift not only in what we eat, but how we eat. The ritual of family dinner is in danger of becoming extinct. More and more kids come home to an empty house after s...
Feb 21, 2011

Healthy Kids Challenge Recipe Contest for Middle Schoolers promotes healthy foods

Nourish Interactive has been partners with the Healthy Kids Challenge organization for several years.  We have the same mission to promote healthy foods to kids in a fun and positive way.  We are happy to share with you this recipe contest!  There is s...
Feb 18, 2011

New Clean Bottle design promotes healthy clean water for families

Water is such an important part of a healthy diet.  Unfortunately, it gets overlooked.Water is very important for adults and kids too.  I use my water bottle and try to keep it filled so I can easily grab a sip.But one of the things I don't like about ...
Jan 24, 2011

New Superfood muppets introduced to promote healthy foods to kids

Sesame Street introduced four new muppets known as the Superfoods.the new Superfood muppets are: banana whole wheat bun low fat cheese stalk of broccoli The Superfoods muppets were part of a skit called "Try, Try Again."The skit had Elmo trying...
Sep 03, 2010

Family Night promotes healthy eating to kids - Fresh Choice Restaurant

Family night at Fresh Choice was a huge success.   Kids really enjoyed learning about fresh fruits and vegetables while playing games.  Parents watched their kids learn about healthy food choices and picked up some eating out tips.Fresh Choice wanted t...
Sep 01, 2010

New Cookbook promotes healthy foods for babies and toddlers

I usually review books that focus on healthy eating for children but I just came across a special book that focuses on healthy foods for babies and toddlers. The book is called "Organically Raised - Conscious Cooking for Babies and Toddlers" by...
Aug 30, 2010

Nourish Interactive joins Fresh Choice Restaurant in San Mateo for a Healthy Family Night

Everyone is busy getting their kids back to school. What a perfect time to take a little break and bring the kids to a Family Night that will mix fruits and vegetables and lots of FUN. Nourish Interactive has been working with Fresh Choice to reac...
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