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Gift giving ideas- Healthy gifts for kids and family

Posted on Dec 07, 2009 by Maggie LaBarbera

Holiday season is gift giving time. Yes, I know, it came too fast, wasn't it just Halloween?

Well back to gift giving... gift giving time provides an opportunity to promote healthy choices to kids. How? You can shop for healthy gifts and thereby teaching kids that being healthy is important. While you are shopping, you can be explaining the reason it is important to take care of your body and how healthy choices helps your body feel great and grow strong.

Also, instead of buying gifts for kids to give to others, you can have them make "Gift of Time" coupon certificates! This is a great personal gift, let's kids really be the gift giver and it promotes being active!

You can print 'gift to time' coupon certificates holiday printable activity sheets for free! Choose full size- color version or black and white for a holiday coloring activity for kids. 'Gift of time' coupons for fun activity together is also a great inexpensive gift to give to your kids!

gift coupons- color in version

printable Holiday gift of time coupons-full color version pdf

Here are some free gift ideas to get the kids started:

‣ Set a special table and make a meal for mom and/or dad or grandparents ‣ Do chores for a week without being asked ‣ Vacuum the living room or another room ‣ Clean up the table after a meal ‣ Time together doing a special activity ‣ Make your and your parents’ bed ‣ Dust the furniture ‣ Give the pet a bath ‣ Pick up the toys ‣ Clean and pick up your closet or drawers ‣ An hour of pulling weeds ‣ Help cook dinner ‣ Clean the garage ‣ Help grocery shop ‣ Plan a family picnic ‣ Watch a movie together ‣ Look at family photos together and reminisce ‣ Plan a family hike ‣ Do chores for a week without being asked ‣ Hug coupons- redeemable forever! ‣ Free time for mom coupon (or special someone) where the kids are quiet and let mom enjoy peaceful time to read a book or do whatever she likes

Here are some ideas for healthy gifts for adults Mayo clinic has posted the top 10 list of healthy gift ideas, when children see us choosing healthy gifts for adults this role models that healthy choices are important.

  1. Water bottle
  2. Whole grain cornucopia
  3. Walnuts
  4. Herbs
  5. Lunch tote
  6. Assorted teas
  7. Pedometer
  8. Compost bin (not sure about this one!lol)
  9. Steamer basket
  10. Dark Chocolate
New resources from Nourish Interactive for a healthier holiday:

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Holiday food safety- Guidelines for buying, storing and thawing your turkey

Printable coloring pages for kids- cards, bookmarks and nutrition activities- click on the image to see them!

Free holiday printable coloring pages for kids





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