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Free Gift of Time Coupons teach kids valuable lessons

Posted on Dec 14, 2009 by Maggie LaBarbera

It's holiday time and we are all in the malls shopping for gifts. With the economy still recovering and the unemployment rate still pretty high, money is tight all over.

But there are gifts that kids and even adults can give that don't cost money. The gift of your time doing something special can be a very personal and special gift. This is a great way to let kids be involved and realize the value of their time.

"Gift of time" presents ( or I should really say coupons) teach kids some very good lessons:

  • kids can do things that have value
  • a gift is not always about money
  • giving a "gift of time" certificate requires some thought and creativeness. And that is part of the gift!
  • loved ones feel very special when they get a gift that requires you to really give of yourself!

Print free gift of time coupon certificates designed for kids!

We have  also included a great list of ideas to help kids get started. Just print out the certificate and help them fill it in for a free, creative and meaningful gift to give this holiday season.


Free holiday printable gift of time coupon certificates for kids





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