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Enter Giveaway for Organic Rice Cakes - Support Healthy Nutrition for Kids and Take our Healthy Snack Food Pledge

Posted on Jan 16, 2012 by Maggie LaBarbera

Healthy Snack Tips| Enter Pledge and Giveaway |Extra Ways to Win |Healthy Snack Printables for Kids

Join us in helping kids to eat healthier snacks! This week we share new healthy snack pledge and some of our best healthy snack food tips. You'll find a healthy giveaway, kids' snack ideas lists, tips for creating balanced snacks packed with power nutrients, and healthy nutrition printables for kids- including our popular healthy snack weekly food trackers and diary.

You can use these resources when you Make the Healthy Snack Pledge to help kids learn about and eat healthier snacks, and you will be entered to win healthy organic rice cakes ($30 value) 


This weekly campaign has ended, Thank you to everyone who participated! 
See our new healthy goal pledge and giveaway offer for this week

   Go to Make A Healthy Snack Pledge and Enter to Win Giveaway

   "This Week, I Pledge To Help Children Choose Healthier Snacks"

take pledge enter giveaway to win healthy prizeEach pledge also receives our special healthy snack tips PDFs including our favorite Rice Cake Toppers for Kids and healthy snack tips, to use at home or school, to help kids to make healthier snack choices.  Our special PDFs and online learning tools can be helpful resources to support your pledge to help children make this one healthy change this week.

As growing children are developing food and fitness habits, 'one healthy change at time' can add up to great health benefits for children! We thank you for your efforts to help children learn about eating healthy and supporting the healthy snacks for kids pledge.

This week's healthy pledge sponsor is Lundberg Farms Rice Cakes. Whole Grain Rice Cakes are a versatile food that you can use to create many healthy and creative snacks for kids (and adults too!). Kids love their size and crunch and parents appreciate that they are healthy, can be enjoyed 'as is' or with many delicious toppings, and are easily packable/portable for snacks on the go.

Take the Healthy Pledge and Enter to win Rice Cakes ($30 Value) 

There are so many reasons to enjoy some Lundberg Rice Cakes! Here are the Top 5 reasons why Chef Solus gives these rice cakes two thumbs up

rice cakes best organic no-gmo  whole grain snacks            

 Learn more about our sponsor and their healthy foods
 Visit Lundberg Family Farms- Rice Cakes
Company and product info, healthy recipes and coupon

rice cakes

We are grateful for our sponsors! Sponsorship funding is used to make even more new nutrition education games, teaching tools, and healthy printables on our bilingual website- providing an interactive learning platform that's free for all kids, families and schools.

Our kids area with fun nutrition games, healthy learning tools and stories are 100% advertisement free. Your participation in our healthy pledges is one way to support the website for your own family, and for all kids! We can all work together to create a generation of nutrition minded and healthier children.

Go to official form: Chef Solus Healthy Snack Pledge and enter giveaway!

Will you help us spread the healthy habits pledge? 

Share the healthy pledge and giveaways- see below for easy ways to get entries and help the word!  

Get code to share a badge to show you took the pledge, or share by clicking on the Tweet Button, writing a blog post about the pledge, Stumbleupon, or telling a friend or your local community health organization or teachers about the healthy pledges and free downloads.

We appreciate your support in promoting healthier foods to children- one healthy change at time!  Each week through March we will share a new healthy pledge, tip sheets, and giveaway. 

            This Week, I Pledge To Help Children Choose Healthier Snacks!

Share this Pledge!


​Go to official form first to join Chef Solus Healthy Pledge and enter to win giveaway!

Tweet the pledge:

Extra Entries- 4 ways to get more chances to win.

Hurry this week's giveaway ends on 1/21 at 11:59 pst

1. On Twitter create your own tweet "fill in the blank" for an extra entry to win use:

My child's fav @lundbergfarms Organic Rice Cake Snack Topper is___________________ #healthykidspledge Tweet or enter to win:

My fav @lundbergfarms Organic Rice Cake Snack Topper is___________________ #healthykidspledge Tweet or enter to win:

Or Share a photo of your rice cake and topper on Twitter with link to pledge and hashtag #healthykidspledge

2. Blog post for extra chance to win! Mention the healthy pledge and giveaway in your blog post - let us know about this entry by share a comment, email and link to your post below in our comments area

3. Share our badge and get code to link to us then leave a comment with link to the page you shared it on

4. Comment for extra entry: Share your favorite rice cake topping idea in the comment area below


Make sure you go to official form to enter and join Chef Solus Healthy Pledge and enter giveaway first! 

kids healthy snacks rice cakes toppers

Every pledge will receive 3 special PDF downloads that will give tips and fun ways to support you with your healthy snack pledge, and will be be entered into the healthy giveaway for $30 worth of Lundberg Rice Cakes!

*A valid email is required. Your email address will be confidential and not shared with 3rd parties.

A special thanks to SweepsAdvantage for sharing our giveaway! Visit them to find more giveaways! Free Sweepstakes and Contest

Healthy Kids' Snack Food Tips and Resources for Parents
Make sure the snacks are including 2 of the food groups.

For example, Lundberg's 'Whole Grain' Rice Cakes are from the Grain Food Group- Use them combined with at least one other food group food.

Learn more the Grains Food Group about the importance of whole grains and how to make sure children are getting the proper servings of Whole Grains.

Snacks are important for children because their bodies are growing

Children are growing their body needs fuel to support all the work creating new cells Kids have small stomachs so they eat less - this means they require more smaller meals snacks help satisfy their hunger

 Healthy Snack Facts and Tips 

  • Most children need about 2 snacks a day around mid-morning time and mid-afternoon time.
  •  Planning ahead for healthy snacks- prepare some ahead of time can make it easier to grab for that healthy snack. Having healthy food available when you or the kids are hungry (or on the go) can really help.  
  • Snacking is the opportunity to add more servings of healthy foods from the food groups, not a time for junk food!
  • Limit the availability of high-calorie, high-sugar, high-fat foods that have little if any nutrients. 
  • Go through your cabinet and fridge and look over the food label facts to see if they foods you have on hand are healthy. 
  • When heading to the grocery store it can be helpful to make a list of the things you want to pick up for healthy snacks for the week. (*and remember to eat a healthy meal or snack before shopping to cut down on impulse purchases. 
  • If your child isn’t hungry at dinner, you may need to move snack time to at least 2 hours prior to the evening meal.
  • Expose your child to new foods as snacks
  • Have kids get involved they can help you to prepare or cook healthy snacks 
  • Try to add different naturally colored foods to the snack- fruit and vegetables give some color and are packed with nutrients
  • Get creative making healthy snacks and let the kids give their food creation a fun or zany name.
  • Celebrate small steps and each success
  • Try to keep it positive and fun!

The Food Groups

 Here is what the USDA My Plate recommends for each of the food groups:

The fruit group  Focus on fruits. It is better to eat fresh whole fruit than drink fruit juice. 

  • The vegetable group  Vary your veggies.  Vegetables come in different colors and that is because they have different vitamins and minerals.  Teach kids to color their snacks or plate with different colors. 
  • The grains food group   Make at least half your grains whole.  This means that when you are buying foods choose grains that have the words "100% whole" in the name of the food.  
  • The dairy food group  Get your calcium-rich foods.  Milk products are high in both calcium and vitamin D.  Children need both these nutrients for building strong bones.  
  • The protein food group Go lean with protein.  Protein comes from meat but also certain plant products.  Protein is essential for the body to build muscle but meat can be very high in fat.  Choose lean proteins that are low in fat and try to make some meals or snacks with plant based proteins.
  • Learn more about the food groups, nutrients and healthy meal planning with our interactive nutrition tools for parents.

Healthy Snack Printables, Online Food Activities and Resources for Kids and Families

Learn about the Grains Food Group printable learning pages, coloring activities, word puzzles, and worksheets

Healthy Conversation Starters- Creative Card Game for Kids and Families. Print it for free and play in the classroom or at your next family dinner!

Learn about our online interactive nutrition games for kids

Learn about food marketing to kids. Consider speaking to your child about marketing and role model supporting and buying products from companies that support healthier choices for children and families- avoiding those that market junk food/low nutrient food to kids. 

Food Label printables teach kids to read food label nutrition facts (also play our online Food Label Game for kids!)

Healthy Goal Tracking Pages- print out to encourage kids to make healthy choices. 

Food Diary Tracking Page for Kids with space for 2 healthy snacks each day!

healthy food tracker diary for kids with snacks

Healthy Snack Goal Tracker Printable Page for young children

healthy snack food diary tracking weekly goals


win healthy snacks

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