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Our blog ‘Nourishing Thoughts’ keeps families informed on current nutrition news, fun kid-friendly nutrition tips to encourage healthy food, nutrition, and exercise choices, nutrition articles, and interactive tools for parents. Our healthy nutrition blog is for parents, teachers, and everyone who is interested in kids' health and nutrition.

Often, we will have weekly themes about healthy habits.  The topic is discussed on Mondays, we follow up with a fun informative infographic that provides key facts about the topic, finishing up on Friday with some great materials and resources to use to bring that topic to home, school or wherever you are working with children to promote healthier habits! Enjoy.

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About Maggie

I am a nurse and a mother of two.  I am also the founder of Nourish Interactive. I am very concerned about the health and well being of our children.  I started the Nourishing Thoughts Blog so that I could help parents keep up on the latest trends in children’s nutrition and exercise. 

I know that much like reading and writing is the foundation for learning, nutrition is the foundation for healthy children.  But with so many new studies, products and trends constantly being reported it is hard to keep up.  I just want to make it a little easier for parents by doing some of the legwork and providing you with up to date information.

Feb 24, 2010

Get kids moving during indoors with fun kids' aerobics dvd

I came across this video about kids being active.  I love the music.  Made me get up from my computer and break out some moves.With the weather still being pretty cold, here is a fun aerobics video for kids, you can even do the DVD with them. Make bein...
Feb 22, 2010

New report shows kids spend too much time in front of entertainment devices

The Kaiser Family Foundation released a report in January showing just how much time kids were spending on entertainment media, like tv, video, computer, ipod etc in a typical day.  The study was conducted with kids from 8 to 18 years old.You may surpr...
Feb 22, 2010

Healthy Monday - Recharge your batteries

Include some rest and relaxation in your schedule this Monday. Not only will you feel better, you’ll have more energy and a positive attitude for tackling your to-do list!Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health vows. Every Monday, you will find ...
Feb 19, 2010

February reminds our kids to smile with healthy teeth - It's National Children’s Dental Health Month

It's National Children's Dental Health month.  I am reminded of how important it is to not only teach your children good dental care habits like brushing and flossing but also teaching them about healthy foods and not so healthy foods for their teeth.I...
Feb 17, 2010

Let's Move - new organization devoted to helping kids get healthier

Michelle Obama speaks out on the new initiative "Let's Move"Let’s Move will give parents the support they need, provide healthier food in schools, help our kids to be more physically active, and make healthy, affordable food available in every part of ...
Feb 15, 2010

Healthy Monday - Take a look at your resolutions

Most holiday pledges are broken in the first few weeks of the New Year. Teach your children how to focus on healthy goals each and every Monday to maintain the momentum you need to make real change!Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health vows. E...
Feb 15, 2010

President Obama announces a new task force to fight childhood obesity

A very exciting and ambitious goal was set by President Obama this week.President Obama has announced that a task force on Childhood Obesity has been created.Spurred by the sad fact that: kids are predicted to have a shorter life span than their pare...
Feb 12, 2010

Teachers in California come together to promote nutrition education in classroom

I attended the Network for a Healthy California earlier this week in Sacramento, CA. This meeting was attended by predominantly schools from around California who are providing innovative ways to promote nutrition to children. I think what really ...
Feb 10, 2010

Healthy Valentine's Day Activities for Kids- Printable Cards, Healthy Hearts Coloring Pages and Fun Nutrition Worksheets

Just in time for Valentine's Day- Nourish Interactive has NEW Kids' Valentine's Day cards, printable worksheets and nutrition activity pages! Our nutrition printables promote nutrition and teach kids about healthy choices- The Fun Way to Learn Abou...
Feb 08, 2010

Healthy Monday - A bicycle built for fun

Invite family, friends or that special someone to exercise with you this week! Plan an outing that includes fun physical activity, like dancing, skiing or bowling.Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health vows. Every Monday, you will find some hea...
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