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Aug 22, 2011

Fun Nutrition Education Tools for Teaching Kids About Eating Healthy Food

Quick links to printables and online resources for parents and teachers- tools to help children get ready for a healthy new school year!Online kids’ nutrition games and lesson plans- each game has a lesson plan for teachers or parentsOur nutrition educ...
Jul 15, 2011

Play Outdoors for a Healthy and Fun Summer

We are approaching Mid-Summer and many of our children may also be getting bored with the lazy of days of summer. If your kids have been falling into the habits of watching too much TV or indulging in screen time and not getting enough physical acti...
Jul 08, 2011

Preventing Childhood Obesity Tools and Strategies in New Media and Film

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released their latest report: F as in Fat 2011 "The country’s obesity epidemic continues to worsen, as detailed in F as in Fat 2010: How the Obesity Crisis Threatens America’s Future. Adult obesity rate...
Apr 22, 2011

YMCA survey represents opportunity for parents to promote healthy choices during online family time

Recently, the YMCA conducted a survey of more than 1,600 parents with children between the ages of 5 and 10.  The objective was to learn what the barriers to healthier living and physical activity were for today’s families.They learned that :1.  Parent...
Feb 28, 2011

Teaching kids about balancing calories and physical activity- Facts, games and resources

Fun online nutrition tools and games for children -featured topic: CaloriesWhat are Calories | Helpful Resources | Teaching About Calories |  Activities for at Home | Calories Game ScreenshotsBeing Active and Calories is one of the nutrition topics in ...
Feb 16, 2011

Interactive online tools teach kids about eating healthy

Did you know that our online interactive nutrition tools can be used at home or school? And they are free! We have learning tools designed for kids with matching tools for parents. Created by a Registered Nurse and Dietitians, it's a fun learnin...
Jan 21, 2011

New research shows that video games very promising in promoting behavior changes in children

I was very excited to read about new research that shows the use of video games promoted positive behavioral changes in children that participated in the study.133 children aged 10-12 participated in the study.  Kids were put in two groups.  One group ...
Dec 31, 2010

2010's Top 5 Nutrition Printouts for Kids- Eating Healthy Food and Physical Activity Free Printables

Here are the printables, learning pages and worksheets that parents, teachers, health care professionals and communities printed and shared the most with children in 2010. All of our printables are free and available in English or Spanish! Click...
Aug 30, 2010

Nourish Interactive joins Fresh Choice Restaurant in San Mateo for a Healthy Family Night

Everyone is busy getting their kids back to school. What a perfect time to take a little break and bring the kids to a Family Night that will mix fruits and vegetables and lots of FUN. Nourish Interactive has been working with Fresh Choice to reac...
Aug 11, 2010

Top 20 reasons to vote for Chef Solus' Healthy Games in Michelle Obama's Apps for Healthy Kids contest

Let’s Move’s Apps for Healthy Kids Challenge is happening now- Voting for Popular Choice ‘People’s Award’ Ends this Saturday! Haven’t picked your favorite game yet? There’s still time but act quick...
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