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Healthy Snacking

May 15, 2013

Healthier School Snacks for Latino Kids Applicable To All Kids

I have made a commitment to the Latino community to provide all our resources in Spanish and in English. Although this study focuses on the impact to Latino children, I think the message applies to all children. Research shows that access to un...
Nov 12, 2012
Sep 24, 2012

childhood obesity awareness month - facts and resources

This is childhood awareness month and we wanted to share some important resources with you. I know that when my sister was told that her child was obese, she felt overwhelmed and not sure what to do. She immediately thought that she should put ...
Jun 01, 2012

Happy National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month - get your produce on!

Happy National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month-get the kids eating more produce with these fun tips
May 25, 2012

Are healthy foods really more expensive - new study shows not always

This is something that we hear all the time. Healthy food is too expensive. In this new study about the cost of healthy foods, foods are analyzed in a couple of different ways. This study tried to look at healthy foods wit...
Apr 23, 2012

3 Healthy Half-time Child-Fueling Snack Ideas

All you soccer moms and other mini-van driving sports mothers probably know how important proper nutrition is for your little athletes. You might know about the importance of carbo-loading the night before and a few hours prior to sporting events. ...
Apr 04, 2012

Keeping Fare Healthy on Family Road Trips

It's spring break and for many families that means road trips! Road trips are a deeply embedded part of American culture, preserved in the minds and itineraries of the nostalgic and carried out almost as an act of patriotism by hundreds of thous...
Jan 20, 2012
Jan 16, 2012

Enter Giveaway for Organic Rice Cakes - Support Healthy Nutrition for Kids and Take our Healthy Snack Food Pledge

Healthy Snack Tips| Enter Pledge and Giveaway |Extra Ways to Win |Healthy Snack Printables for Kids Join us in helping kids to eat healthier snacks! This week we share new healthy snack pledge and some of our best healthy snack food tips. You'll...
Jan 11, 2012

Healthy Snacks for Kids- Helping kids choose healthier snack foods tips and easy recipes

Healthy Snacks for Kids- It's possible and easy to help kids choose healthier snack foods- why healthy snacks are an important part of children's daily balanced diets with tips and ideas for parents, easy recipes for kids and a healthy giveaway each week.
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