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Active Kids

Apr 27, 2009

Build off national TV turn-off week and limit kids TV time to 2 hours or less- the fun way!

Wow, the national Turn off the TV week has officially ended. How did you do?   Were you and the kids able to make it a full week without TV?    Regardless of your answer, whether you made it through the whole week or not, you still raised your family'...
Apr 27, 2009

Healthy Monday- Ready, set, parents start lifting

Strength training helps every body. Pump up your metabolism and build stronger muscles, bones and tendons, and improve posture, flexibility and balance.Lift weights, try resistance bands and inflatable exercise balls, at home or the gym. Learn some str...
Apr 22, 2009

National Turn off TV Week Tips - TV Free Ideas for Fun Activities for the Whole Family

Just checking in with everyone. We are on the third day of the national "Turn Off TV" week.  This week is a great opportunity for some serious family fun. With the first two days behind you, the kids may be surprised that it ...
Apr 20, 2009

Fast-food and childhood obesity - how close is the nearest fast-food to your child's school?

This should be of no surprise to anyone. It actually seems rather obvious! But a recent study conducted by UC Berkeley found the following stats: childhood obesity rates among 9th graders were increased by 5.2% when a fast food restaurant is within...
Apr 20, 2009

Family Fun Fitness Tips- Get Active Together- Teach the Kids to Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day – get outside with the kids. Connect with the natural world by exploring and helping the environment. Take a hike, pick up trash, plant a native tree or shrub. Hands-on activities in nature are good for your family’s healt...
Apr 13, 2009

KaBOOM gets kids moving and being active with playgrounds resource for families

Dancing with the stars, Julianne Hough has joined KaBOOM, to find 100,000 play spaces in 100 days.   The organization is planning to map and rate playspaces nationwide.  This will be a great resource for families.  But more importantly, it will also h...
Apr 10, 2009

Parents and kids - Join the nation for National TV Turnoff Week - April 20-26

Don't forget to plan for "TV Turnoff Week".  This year it will be celebrated on April 20-26.I wanted to remind you early enough so that you could have a family planning session.  TV is such a big part of most of our lives, that turning it off for a w...
Apr 08, 2009

4-year-olds have high childhood obesity rate- found across all races

It was very disconcerting to read the latest childhood obesity report on childhood obesity and our preschool population. The study was conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics and looked at 8550 preschoolers born in 2001. The child...
Mar 25, 2009

First Lady Obama plants a garden and teaches kids about the fun of nutrition

First Lady Michelle Obama shouted, "Let's hear it for vegetables" and "Let's hear it for fruits!"On March 20, First Lady Obama began the first full-fledged organic garden right on the grounds of the White House. With the help of about 2 dozen fifth gra...
Mar 09, 2009

Childhood obesity- too many reasons not to take action

We want to keep our kids eating healthy and prevent childhood obesity with: early nutrition education positive healthy food associations healthy parent role modeling daily activity developing good habits while they are young Why is this so imp...
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