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Changing Children's Health Habits - Setting Positive Expectations

Anne Kolker • MS, Registered Dietitian • Jan 03, 2011

We often enter a change with enthusiasm and great commitment.   And kids are the same.  They get easily excited about starting new projects.  

But we all know that after the first week, the initial gusto to change habits can die down a bit.  We can help children understand the patience an time it takes to change habits by setting positive expectations.

Try to have mini goals for the whole family, so they can see the small steps they have made as they work towards change.  This will help everyone in the family keep up their enthusiasm to accomplish their goals and move toward healthier habits.


Setting Positive Expectations With The Kids About Setting Goals

Healthy habits take time to become a part of a normal routine. If you encourage kids and keep it fun, they are more likely to wantto stick with the goal.

  • Plan to work on your goals for several weeks.
  • Don’t expect to be perfect. It is normal to have ups and downs.setting positive expectation with children about healthy goals
  • Be patient. New health habits take time
  • Small steps are great, they add up over time
  • Keep it fun and positive – no nagging
  • Give encouragement to each other even when goals aren't met
  • Work on one or two goals over the next several weeks vs. working on several goals for one or two weeks

Happy Health Goals!










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Written by Anne KolkerWritten on Jan 03, 2011Last updated on Dec 18, 2014




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