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Nourish Interactive Kid's Nutrition Games Website Gets High Marks from Bzzagent

Nourish Interactive was featured for six weeks on BzzAgent Online Network, a Word of Mouth (WOM) website designed to give immediate feedback and improvement advice. BzzAgenti, found that generated high levels of positive WOM online buzz:

  • received one of the highest number of reviews, postings opinions, and referral emails -- more than twice the BzzAgent campaign average.
  • Visitors gave high ratings - 4.5 stars out of 5:
    • 93% knew others who would like the site.
    • 90% felt that the website was easy to navigate.
    • 80% stated that the site had useful content.
    • 70% reported that they were highly likely to re-visit the site.

Comments left by BzzAgents:

  • “Great for both kids and adults. Very interactive!”
  • “It somehow validates what they would otherwise roll their eyes at.  I would recommend this site to anyone with kids because it has fun ways to learn about great nutrition and making healthy choices.  The chef character is really cute.  This site is easy to use and appealing to kids.”
  • “ is devoted to helping our children become nutritionally aware. Our kids are bombarded everyday with ads promoting empty calories and high sugar foods. We want to empower children to make healthier choices. Nourish Interactive is a website that provides parents and children with a variety of tools to learn the key elements of nutrition.”
  • "This is a site for children that features games that help them learn about healthy eating and staying active. It's free to join, and has helpful tips."
  • “What a great website to teach kids solid information about nutrition.  Kudos to Nourish Interactive!”
  • “This is a wonderful site, especially for kids to learn about good nutrition and eating healthy.  It has free games for kids to play and the site is kid-safe and kid-friendly!”
  • “Great way to teach the little ones about nutrition. They can have fun while learning.”

  • “This is a terrific children's site. It is very educational and makes learning about nutrition fun!”
  • “Kids are so interested in the computer these days, so why not use it as a tool to teach them about better nutrition?”
  • “I really like this, especially with the way that kids are into the new age with computers.  There are games and facts, in a fun way for the kids, and a page for information for parents.”

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i BzzAgent Website Launch Report, April, 2008
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