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Join us- Take Healthy Steps and Weekly Pledges for Children in our March to Nutrition Month

Posted on Jan 09, 2012 by Maggie LaBarbera

Who says nutrition can't be fun?  At Nourish Interactive, we are always looking for creative ways to encourage families and children to make healthier choices.

Join the Chef Solus' March to National Nutrition Month- take the healthy pledge for kids!  To add a little excitement to the mix for the New Year and the launch of our new website- we have a new fun healthy campaign to share each week leading up to March and National Nutrition Month.

Each week you'll find a new pledge to take healthy steps with children and you'll get a printable with tips or activity pages associated with the topic of the healthy steps pledge. The free downloads can be used at home, or copied to be shared in classrooms, cooking schools or after-school programs.

There is also fun giveaways to win healthy prizes- and for some pledges we will also share a coupon or discount for healthy food or products of interest to families.  

NOTE: This weekly campaign has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated! Go to ​➪ New healthy goal pledge and giveaway for this week! 

This week join us in a Pledge to help kids eat healthier snacks

  • You'll get a printable tip sheet for healthy snacks and be entered to win a prize pack of healthy snacks (value $50).
  • Then, all week keep the pledge by trying to focus on this one change and encourage kids to eat healthier snack foods.

Teaching children to make healthier choices starts with one simple change.  As we March towards National Nutrition Month in March, let's join together to help children make just one simple change each week.

"Every positive change, no matter how small, is a step to creating a healthier child. Together we can give children the knowledge, facts and skills to develop healthy habits for a lifetime!"  Maggie LaBarbera RN, MBA. Founder of Nourish Interactive 

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For Nutrition Month 2012: Teach Kids about the My Plate with
free Nutrition Month printables and games

About our Nutrition Educaton Website and Online Learning Platform

Our free online nutrition education website is bilingual English and Spanish. Families learn about eating healthy with healthy tips, articles written by Registered Dietitians, and interactive tools in our parents area.  Kids have fun learning about nutrition with online interactive healthy games, stories and printable activity pages {See our brand new kids' area to play healthy food games!}

With dedicated areas for parents, teachers and kids- it is easy for everyone to work together to help children learn nutrition facts and learn to make healthier food choices.

The kids' area has over 20 interactive games and you don't need to worry about games that are promoting any products to kids on our website- all the kids' area is 100% advertisement free.

Parents and children have interactive tools to learn about eating healthy together, and the featured game Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure offers progress reports and ideas to try at home for each nutrition topic in the seven level game. Parents can also print out handy healthy tips sheets, healthy puzzles and activity page, and our popular monthly calendars for a 'healthy family tip each day'!

Teachers, health care and food service professionals, and organizations use our online games, printable healthy nutrition activity pages, healthy handouts  and nutrition lesson plans.

You can visit our teaching area here and get free membership on the educator sign up page. (* features easy membership and management of students, groups and classrooms with log-in and passwords for teacher and students so teachers can track students progress.)

Over 40,000 parents and 10,000 teachers and schools are members, and a grand total of 101,000 + who are members of our free interactive learning platform. We had over 8 million page views in 2011 and many downloads of printables that are shared in homes, classrooms and youth centers across the country. If you are a new visitor we hope you join us!

We have grown our membership by dedicated parents, grandparents, nutrition professionals and educators who enjoy and benefit from the site sharing it with others. We appreciate the support to help us reach more kids, parents and educators so they can learn at Nourish Interactive!

You can link to us, or another fun way to share is our healthy widgets with code to post on your website or blog.

About our Healthy Kids Pledge and Giveaways

All funds from sponsored giveaways goes 100% towards new nutrition education material!  Through the support of giveaway sponsors, who believe in our mission- we are able to develop even more new interactive games and continue to keep our membership free so that all kids, families and schools have access to our fun online learning platform.

We are proud and grateful for to our members and our Showcase of Links of websites, blogs, cities, schools and organizations that are sharing our website with their online communities.

Thanks for your support and let's all keep taking steps to March to National Nutrition Month and healthier future for children.

See our latest Healthy Pledge and Giveaway here!

Nourish Interactive’s mission is to offer fun, innovative solutions that empower children to make healthy choices. We support parents and teachers with free interactive games and tools that promote a healthier lifestyle. More

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