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Childhood Obesity

Feb 27, 2009

Portion sizes - follow the three S rule to keep portions at a healthy serving

Portion sizes. There has been a great deal of studies done on why our portion sizes are getting bigger and the psychology of portion sizes. I thought I would share a few interesting facts to think about: The average person will eat 25-50% more food w...
Feb 25, 2009

Oscars Wall-E Movie Importance of Fitness Activities For Kids

I enjoyed the Oscars this week! Probably like so many, I ran out to get a copy of some of the most nominated Oscar movies! On my list was Wall-E. I decided to watch Wall-E since: it was up for so many academy awards to see what this kids movie was...
Feb 20, 2009

Will a fat Barbie or Superman send the right message to fight childhood obesity?

There was mixed responses from a bold move created by the Active Life Movement: Barbie . This is a wonderful organization that is committed promoting healthy living. In their fight against childhood obesity, they attempted to send a strong mess...
Feb 18, 2009

Fighting childhood obesity movement focuses on babies

We used to think a chubby baby was a sign of a healthy baby. How many times have we heard someone say " that is just baby fat, they will lose it when they grow!"Well for many babies that is not the case. We now know that if a baby gains too much weight...
Feb 16, 2009

Foods that have almost zero value- it may surprise you!

I just read a list of the 50 most popular foods that have almost zero nutrition value. Chances are you have some of these foods in your cupboard. I am not saying absolutely eliminate this from your child's diet but instead, it is good to be aware. Th...
Feb 09, 2009

Children's nutrition- eating healthy foods helps children to improve their grades!

Sometimes we get too focused on childhood obesity and we may end up sending the wrong message. Parents whose child(ren) are not overweight may think that the message about healthy eating, the importance of daily exercise and a balanced meal are not mea...
Feb 06, 2009

Teaching children healthy eating habits- easy tips for parents to use at home

Kids today are growing up in an environment where they are being trained to overeat. What chance do we have as parents to make a difference?Well the reality is you have the opportunity to make a big difference. Eating at home, taking your kids grocery...
Feb 04, 2009

Recipes have increased their calories in food over the years

We know we have to watch portion sizes when we eat out/or get take out food, but what about when we cook at home? Larger portion sizes means more calories in food.The next time you pull out your recipe book, you may be surprised to know that the recipe...
Jan 28, 2009

Small Change Summit- A Healthier America One Change at a Time

I had the opportunity to attend the "Small Change" summit held by the USDA in Washington DC earlier this month. I was invited to attend as a representative for Nourish Interactive along with other corporate partners. Corporate partners are organizati...
Jan 23, 2009

What to do with the Picky Eater?

First of all, don't despair. That leads to frustration and stress at meal times. That doesn't help you or the child. Be patient there is no magic solutions because kids, like us adults, have different personalities, tolerance levels, patience, moods et...
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