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Healthy Child

Mar 05, 2012

National Nutrition Month and National Breakfast Week Come Together to Get Your Childs Plate In Shape

Happy National Nutrition Month everyone! The theme this year is "Get Your Plate In Shape!" with all the healthy foods of the food groups. This is an exciting month with a great focus on healthy foods. Schools, organizations and healthcar...
Feb 27, 2012

Get Kids Eating A Healthy Breakfast - National Nutrition Month Goal

This is our last week to March to National Nutrition Month and we are officially there! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us. Here is some facts: We have over 1,200 people who have joined us in helping children add on...
Feb 10, 2012

15 Heart Healthy Tips- being good to your heart a guide for parents with links and resources

Kids Heart Health Month-Valentine's Day Fun | 15 Healthy Heart Tips for Parents + Links | Bonus! Join us for 1 Healthy Change a Week Heart Health Month Tips for Parents- 15 Ways to Have a Healthier Heart with tips, links and resources to help yo...
Feb 06, 2012

Children and Food Allergies Raising Awareness- Facts, Safety Tips and Resources

This week's healthy goal and pledge for kids is to 'Help Raise Awareness About Food Allergies.' You can help by reading the information below and sharing it with other parents or your local school. This weekly campaign has ended, Thank you t...
Feb 01, 2012

Get kids brushing their teeth every day

Healthy teeth for kids involves good nutrition partnered with daily hygiene. Fun way to get kids brushing every day.
Jan 09, 2012

Join us- Take Healthy Steps and Weekly Pledges for Children in our March to Nutrition Month

Who says nutrition can't be fun? At Nourish Interactive, we are always looking for creative ways to encourage families and children to make healthier choices. Join the Chef Solus' March to National Nutrition Month- take the healthy pledge for k...
Dec 30, 2011

Top 10 Healthy Tip for Kids and Families 2012- Launch into a Healthy New Year

Ring in the New Year with Top Healthy Tips for 2012 for kids and families by Nourish Interactive- We have launched a brand NEW Website visit us for FUN nutrition education games, tips and printables. Share the top 10 healthy tip with your family, stude...
Nov 09, 2011

November is American Diabetes Month

It's National Diabetes Month- Learn diabetes facts,  find resources and tips for parents to help children eat healthier, be active and reduce the risks for diabetes. Taking steps to healthy lifestyle changes teaches kids important skills and habits a...
Oct 07, 2011

Promote healthy foods during National School Lunch Week

National School Lunch Week (NSLW) 2011 begins this Monday, October 10.This year the theme is “School Lunch – Let’s Grow Healthy” with a goal of helping students understand where food comes from and the nutritional benefits that go along with the food t...
Oct 05, 2011

Walk to School Events- encourages children to get more physical activity

Walk to School in October is an energizing event, reminding parents and children alike of the simple joy of walking to school.It also serves as an opportunity to focus on the importance of physical activity, safety, air quality and walkable communities...
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