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Healthy Recipes

May 11, 2009

Healthy Baking Snacks Combine Tasty And Healthy And A Great Bargain For Families

We all love some sweets. My husband loves his chocolate. My kids love their apple pie! I love my lemon.. lemon anything, I am not picky.But sometimes, combining sweets and healthy in the same sentence can seem a bit challenging. If it is healthy, i...
Apr 24, 2009

Give up meat for one day a week and save the planet too! Celebrate Earth Day with action.

Meatless Monday has just released a video about the astonishing and rather surprising effect we can have on this planet by making one day a week - a meatless day. With this past Wednesday being Earth Day, we have to ask ourselves what can we do that wi...
Feb 04, 2009

Recipes have increased their calories in food over the years

We know we have to watch portion sizes when we eat out/or get take out food, but what about when we cook at home? Larger portion sizes means more calories in food.The next time you pull out your recipe book, you may be surprised to know that the recipe...
Jan 16, 2009

Yummy for your Tummy helps parents improve family nutrition- free healthy recipes booklet

Sometimes you run across a great little gem. Yummy for your Tummy is a cute healthy recipe booklet for families. The booklet is going to be distributed for free at Luckys Grocery Stores but I didn't have good luck finding it yet. But I did find it o...
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