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Organic Foods

Aug 19, 2009

Cool Cups Healthy Snacks for Kids Offers Discount for Back to School

I was contacted by Cool Cups to try their kids gel snack pack. What caught my eye was the fact that it was made with all natural ingredients. It is difficult to find healthy pre-packaged snacks that don't have chemicals, preservatives and other unna...
Jul 27, 2009

Introduce kids to berries that are loaded with health benefits - colorful and sweet too

The Berry Health Benefits Symposium just convened and more and more wonderful health benefits are being discovered from our tasty fruit, the Berry family: Blueberries Strawberries Raspberries Cranberries Blackberries And other berries Helps p...
Jul 17, 2009

Finding ways to buy healthy foods at a discount!

I was shopping at Whole Foods and found an aisle that had many grains, nuts and seeds but they were in big containers and unpackaged. They were much cheaper because these food items were not packaged. You grab a bag and buy only the amount that you n...
Jun 24, 2009

Another "Shout out" to Michelle Obama for modeling the fun of healthy eating to kids

First Lady Michelle Obama invited children from the Bancroft Elementary School to harvest the vegetables they had planted in March at the White House's vegetable garden.The students helped pick the vegetables and then taking it another step further...k...
Apr 01, 2009

25 fun healthy snacks for kids- American Dietitic Association

Kids are growing fast and they often need a snack in between meals. But what are some healthy snacks you can give kids that are full of nutrition and taste great? Here is a list of 25 healthy snacks ideas you can offer your child from the American Die...
Mar 30, 2009

Going Organic a little or all the way, here are some tips

If you can't go 100% organic here are some simple guidelines: Buy organic as often as you can. Many grocers now offer store brands with organic choices which are usually less expensive. Look for the USDA seal on foods to ensure they are organic. ...
Mar 27, 2009

Find out if your favorite fruits and vegetables are high in pesticides

We know that small doses of pesticides can damage our health, and especially the health of  children whose organs are growing and still forming. According to the Environmental Working Group and, here is a list of the fruits and vegetables ...
Mar 25, 2009

First Lady Obama plants a garden and teaches kids about the fun of nutrition

First Lady Michelle Obama shouted, "Let's hear it for vegetables" and "Let's hear it for fruits!"On March 20, First Lady Obama began the first full-fledged organic garden right on the grounds of the White House. With the help of about 2 dozen fifth gra...
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