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Childhood Obesity

Dec 03, 2008

Children's health -Where does your state rank in childhood obesity?

We have heard and will continue to hear concerning news about childhood obesity.  Do you know where your state ranks?I share this with you because kids need our help. They need our guidance and modeling for healthier living. Most of these overweight ch...
Nov 14, 2008

National Diabetes Day focuses on children

Today is National Diabetes Day. We are reminded that thousands of children across the globe are inflicted with this chronic disease. The World Diabetes Day campaign in 2007 and 2008 aims to: Increase the number of children supported by t...
Nov 12, 2008

Healthy Family Tips- Green Get Your Kids Active!

A new study to be featured in the December 2008 American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that the higher the greenness (meaning grass, trees and vegetation) the lower the body mass index (BMI) was in children. Children may be more active with th...
Oct 25, 2008

Some Scarrrry Facts About Halloween, Kids Halloween Candy, Nutrition and Sugar Facts

Scary facts and healthy solutions for a healthier Halloween! According to the US Census Bureau, the Average American eats 25 pounds of candy every year with a large portion of that eaten during Halloween time.If your child eats 12 treats that is about...
Oct 08, 2008

Family nutrition tips- avoid the top 10 mistakes parents make

I know, it's hard to be a parent. I made many of the mistakes listed below and I am a nurse. But hey, no handbook so we do the best we can. I share this with you not to emphasize what we as parents do "wrong". But rather, to debunk many of the my...
Oct 06, 2008

Can reading help tweens lose weight?

A study was done in Duke University.The study had overweight girls, ages 9 to 13 to read a novel called Lake Rescue. This book was written to promote healthy lifestyle, deal with overweight issues and provide positive messages. Six months later, the 31...
Oct 03, 2008

Celebrate "Walk to School" Day

October 8th is the national Walk to School Day. The goal is to promote family fitness by encouraging safe walking and/or riding a bicycle to school year round.Here is a CDC fact: Only 15% of students walk to school. 40 years ago 42% walked to school.We...
Sep 29, 2008

Desperate Housewives tackle childhood obesity

Kudos to Desperate Housewives for introducing a storyline about the struggles of having an overweight child.It really showed in one episode something that parents across America, and globally are facing, childhood obesity.Surprising, they hit a lot of ...
Sep 24, 2008

Is the ban on soda in schools helping kids?

Okay, the ban on soda in elementary schools is growing. There are now several states that don't allow it in their vending machines nor as a classroom treat. California is one of those states. This week there has been buzz, speculation if this will r...
Sep 17, 2008

Getting long can kids wait?

With the continued concern over the health of our children  Many school districts are beginning to take action. But my concern is that action is often tied up in "assessment", "policy writing" and "lack of funding".So what can we as parents do. Well, I...
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