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Childhood Obesity

Nov 05, 2012

IOM new report: Obesity Complex but Conquerable

The Institute of Medicine has released a new report about the weight of the nation, adults and children. But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and this great infographic summarized all the key points of the report. Read the full rep...
Sep 21, 2012

New study shows reducing tv time can also reduce kids' weight

See how to keep your child in optimal health with this one simple change.
Sep 19, 2012

The role of communities in promoting physical activity

You might be surprised to learn these facts about how important your community is in helping you and your family stay healthy. This month is national childhood obesity awareness month and one of the strategies to helping children prevent obesity...
Sep 17, 2012

Childhood obesity awareness month - president Obama proclamation

NATIONAL CHILDHOOD OBESITY AWARENESS MONTH, 2012 BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION Over the past several decades, childhood obesity has become a serious public health issue that puts millions of our so...
Sep 14, 2012

Helping your child to maintain optimum health

Many American parents begin to plan for their child's long-term future even before their baby is born. They pick decorations for the nursery and decide on a name; they may even establish a college fund and begin saving. Another important form of p...
Sep 12, 2012

Toys in happy healthy meals attract kids

With back to school now in full swing, moms and dads are juggling work, kids afterschool schedule and meal time. (to name a few things) If you are headed to the quickest pick up for dinner, think about those kids' meals and the influence toys ...
Sep 07, 2012

National poll shows parents are very worried about kids inactivity

Are your kids active enough? Are you concerned about your child not getting enough exercise each day? Well, according to the annual University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll, you are not alone. 39% of parents ...
Aug 27, 2012

Strict laws on junk food may be helping kids stay healthier

There has been a lot of discussion about the use of laws to influence or limit foods that are high in sugar and/or fat. Discussions range from violation of rights to disease prevention. We would all agree that parents should have the ultimate...
Aug 15, 2012

What it takes to burn off the added sugar in popular beverages

In my last post, "Kids choose less soda in school but still have sugary alternatives," I talked about the sugary drinks that children are still drinking in school. Kids don't really think about what all the extra calories really means to their ...
Aug 13, 2012

Kids choose less soda in school but still have sugary alternatives

A new study just published in the Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine found that recent changes to laws in the schools are making a difference with children's sugary beverage consumption. The study found that only one in four high school students h...
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