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Childhood Obesity

Mar 28, 2012

Where is the sugar kids eat coming from- you might be surprised

New study from the CDC shows where all that sugar kids consume is coming from! You might be surprised.
Mar 21, 2012

Off-Set the High Cost of Healthier Food by Reducing Portion Size

How to afford healthier foods when grocery shopping.
Feb 29, 2012

Video games may not be the solution for fighting childhood obesity

New study out of Houston gives disappointing results about the use of active video games and childhood obesity.
Nov 28, 2011

It's Kids Cook Monday! Let's Talk about Kids in the Kitchen and Family Dinners

It's Kids Cook Monday a great day to cook with your child and take steps towards making family dinner a part of your weekly family time. We came across Kids Cook Monday's article about Making Family Meals a Weekly Ritual on the Blog for Family Dinner w...
Sep 28, 2011

New Resources for Parents of Overweight Children- Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

This post shares some helpful information, resources and tools for parents concerned about their child's weight from our website, and latest news about the organizations and initiatives to help support parents and prevent childhood obesity. Plus, infor...
Sep 12, 2011

New study shows nagging parents works

New study shows that nagging parents does work.  This is probably not a surprise for anyone that has kids!  Sometimes it is just easier to give in, especially with hectic schedules.But I found this very interesting: John Hopkins School of Public Health...
Sep 07, 2011

guide to healthy foods for a healthier child

This month is national childhood obesity awareness month and there is a lot of focus on how to help overweight children.  But the fact is that most of our children, over 85% don't eat the recommended amounts of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables ...
Sep 05, 2011

Three steps to fighting childhood obesity at home

September is the second annual national childhood obesity awareness month.  This continues to be a problem for our nation with the surgeon general announcing that it is the number health concern that our nation faces!According to a new study conducted ...
Aug 29, 2011

Support national childhood obesity month with an event and win award

It is national childhood obesity month and Healthier Kids, Brighter Futures is hosting an award for organizations that promote "PLAY (promoting lively, active youth) amongst children.Details of Entry for Award:The PLAY (Promoting Lively, Active Youth) ...
Aug 05, 2011

F is for Fat looks at sugary drinks and obesity rates

Sugar sweetened beverages (SSB) has a been a hot topic for some time. Many blame these sugary drinks on the obesity problem that we currently face. According to the F is for Fat report these statistics can be attributed to the consumption of sugar...
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