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Healthy Habits

Mar 26, 2012

Getting The Right Amount Of Sleep For A Healthy Body

Ever missed those school holidays when all you did was spend your entire day sprawled on your warm, comfy bed? Sadly, part of the tragic pain of growing up in a IT-enhanced world is that the modern day early bird might not get the worm after all, as...
Mar 05, 2012

National Nutrition Month and National Breakfast Week Come Together to Get Your Childs Plate In Shape

Happy National Nutrition Month everyone! The theme this year is "Get Your Plate In Shape!" with all the healthy foods of the food groups. This is an exciting month with a great focus on healthy foods. Schools, organizations and healthcar...
Feb 27, 2012

Get Kids Eating A Healthy Breakfast - National Nutrition Month Goal

This is our last week to March to National Nutrition Month and we are officially there! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us. Here is some facts: We have over 1,200 people who have joined us in helping children add on...
Feb 10, 2012

15 Heart Healthy Tips- being good to your heart a guide for parents with links and resources

Kids Heart Health Month-Valentine's Day Fun | 15 Healthy Heart Tips for Parents + Links | Bonus! Join us for 1 Healthy Change a Week Heart Health Month Tips for Parents- 15 Ways to Have a Healthier Heart with tips, links and resources to help yo...
Jan 27, 2012

February Healthy Tips Calendars and Heart Health Nutrition Printables for Kids Valentines FUN

Get ready for February with fun healthy heart activities, printable pages and a new healthy tip a day calendar! (Available in English or Spanish.) Make sure to check out our 20 healthy heart printables for February- they are very popular. You ca...
Jan 25, 2012

Healthy Cereal Giveaway and Tips for Helping Kids Eat More Fiber Rich Food

On this page: Healthy Cereal Giveaway | About Fiber | Kids Fiber Printables | Our Healthy Giveaways | Sites Sharing our Pledges and Giveaways This week let's help kids eat more fiber rich foods and choose cereals high in fiber! We have tips ...
Jan 09, 2012

Join us- Take Healthy Steps and Weekly Pledges for Children in our March to Nutrition Month

Who says nutrition can't be fun? At Nourish Interactive, we are always looking for creative ways to encourage families and children to make healthier choices. Join the Chef Solus' March to National Nutrition Month- take the healthy pledge for k...
Jan 04, 2012

2012 Is the Year of The Potato

Read why 2012 has been deemed the year of the potato. Fun resources for kids, printable potato recipe cards for kids, coloring book and nutrition facts about potatoes for the whole family.
Dec 30, 2011

Top 10 Healthy Tip for Kids and Families 2012- Launch into a Healthy New Year

Ring in the New Year with Top Healthy Tips for 2012 for kids and families by Nourish Interactive- We have launched a brand NEW Website visit us for FUN nutrition education games, tips and printables. Share the top 10 healthy tip with your family, stude...
Dec 26, 2011

Setting Healthy Family Goals in the New Year - Small Steps add up to Great Benefits for Kids

This is a great time to think about setting healthy goals for the entire family. Setting family goals means helping your child set healthy goals too. Goals need to be realistic and measureable. Goals mean that we are going to be changing habits...
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