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Classroom Food and Nutrition Tools and Games


Fun, Educational Nutrition Tools and Games for Students and Parents is the first website to create “matching” interactive nutritional tools, one for the parent and one for the child. We keep it colorful for the elementary school child and for the parents. We know that kids like to learn in fun ways and using technology in your classroom helps engage the child. We want parents to enjoy learning about nutrition as well. These free nutrition education tools send similar messages to both the parent and child, so the entire family can work as a team to establish good nutrition at home.
All our interactive features are available in English and Spanish.
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The My Plate Healthy Messages From USDA

The My Plate provides a real example of how to create a balanced meal.
Parents and children each have their own version of the My Plate. This colorful interactive feature reviews the healthy messages on how to create a healthy balanced meal with foods from each of the food groups.  Just scroll over the parts of the my plate with a mouse.
The children’s version has audio for those children still learning to read. The child’s version can be found in our Food Groups Games kids' section.














The Food Pyramid and Food Groups

The Food Pyramid is a great introduction to the foundation to good healthy eating.
Parents and children each have their own version of this Food Pyramid. This colorful interactive feature reviews the food groups and oils and the importance of daily activity. Just scroll over the parts of the food pyramid with a mouse.
The children’s version has audio for those children still learning to read. The child’s version can be found in our Food Groups Games kids' section.













Nutrition Dictionary

Nutrition vocabulary can be a little overwhelming with the various nutrition terms. We have a colorful Nutrition Dictionary for the parents and the child.
The children’s version provides audio that will automatically say the nutrition word when selected. This will help the child with correct pronunciation.














Food Labels Tutorial and Quiz

Parents and kids will enjoy our easy to learn food label tutorial and quiz. Just scroll over the different parts of the food label with a mouse. Parents are given nutritional information about the various ingredients (i.e. sodium, fiber) as they take their quiz.
Kids will enjoy hearing Chef Solus talk about the different parts of the food label. The kids’ quiz has three parts. The first part tests the child on finding the parts of the food label. The second part challenges the child to compare labels and select the food label with the correct answer. The final part of the quiz, the child will go into a virtual grocery store, where he/she can select two to three food items and place them in their basket. They will have to select the food item that best answers the question.
This feature is a bigger file and may take a couple moments to load.

Healthy Meal Planner For Parents and Meal Maker Game

What better way to learn about a balance meal then having to actually create one! Our meal planner tool is based on the USDA eating guidelines. The parent enters the child’s age, gender and activity level. The meal planner will provide the parent with the calories and servings per food group that the child needs to eat a balanced meal. As parents select food items and amounts, the calories and food group servings are automatically entered for them.
The child will have fun playing our “Build a Meal” game where he/she will enter a virtual kitchen, school cafeteria and grocery store as they create three meals and 2 snacks based on their specific requirements (age, gender and activity level). This game has audio prompts throughout the game as well as a talking “HELP” feature. As children choose their food items, information about their food selections are automatically filled in for them.

Vitamin and Mineral Tool

Vitamin and mineral tool to help parents find specific nutrients quickly. Our tool gives parents quick and easy to understand nutrition information about the importance of each vitamin and mineral. Parents just select the nutrient they are interested in and will learn:
  • the key benefits of that particular nutrient
  • how much of that vitamin or mineral a child needs for a healthy body (based on the recommended daily intakes from USDA)
  • the foods that are highest in that particular nutrient
The children have their own little nutrient tool so they can look up different vitamins and nutrients and see why it is important for them. We keep it simple and fun for kids.


BMI Calculator

We have a BMI calculator that will tell the parent what the BMI score, child percentile, and what category their child falls into, (underweight, normal, at-risk, overweight).
The children have a very special BMI calculator, Katlin’s Magical Messages. They enter in their age, gender, height and weight, and will be given a positive message about healthy eating and being active. These messages are different depending on what score the child would have received. Children never see a score or category. We keep it positive and the goal is to encourage them to eat healthier and be active. These messages were written by a dietitian.


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