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National Nutrition Month® Kids Activities, Games and Resources

National Nutrition Month highlights the importance of nutrition and children.

National Nutrition Month® is a special time to promote healthy foods to children. We are here to support all the wonderful work you do every day helping kids learn the joy of eating healthy.

We have numerous worksheets, activities and games that are perfect to help kids learn about healthy foods in a very fun and positive way. All our material is free and available in English and Spanish.
Happy National Nutrition Month!

National Nutrition Month Printables

See all our National Nutrition Month Printables.

Here are some of our most popular printables!

National Nutrition Month Create Your Own Calendar Activity

Celebrate National Nutrition Month with our National Nutrition Month themed calendar. This years slogan is on the calendar to remind children to make healthy meal choices. Great activity for school, after school programs and a family activity. Preschoolers can draw healthy foods into their calendar while older children can write healthy choices.

National Nutrition Month Pledge Certificate For Children

Celebrate National Nutrition Month with our pledge pages. Have children make one pledge for the month that promotes healthier food choices.

National Nutrition Month Weekly Pledge Cards For Kids

Celebrate National Nutrition Month with our weekly pledge cards. Have children make one pledge for each week of the month that promotes healthier food choices

National Nutrition Month Award For Children

Celebrate National Nutrition Month with certificates for children and parents who are promoting healthy food choices.

National Nutrition Month Unscramble Puzzle For Children

Fun printable puzzle for kids. Promote National Nutrition Month with our unscramble challenge for children.



National Nutrition Month® Games For Kids

Talking My Plate  
The talking plate promotes key healthy message on creating a healthy meal.

national nutrition month games and tools for kdis

Lesson Plan for Talking My Plate
Talking Food Pyramid
The talking food pyramid teaches children about what foods comprise the food groups.
Lesson Plan for Talking Food Pyramid
Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure Game
(requires child to log in) learn more about this big adventure food game!
Teachers Lesson Plan for Chef Solus Adventure Game - a lesson plan for each level
Chef Solus Adventure Game - Teachers Printables which includes certificates of completion and parent's handouts.
Ride the Food Label Game
Food Label Lesson Plan
See all the food groups games
See a list of all our nutrition games.
See a list of the food group lesson plans.
See a complete list of all our healthy game lesson plans.

Nutrition Coloring Pages, Learning Sheets and Activity Worksheets for Kids

myplate healthy tips kids pagekids myplate classroom sheets

The My Plate is an excellent tool to help kids understand the importance of eating a balanced diet. Each food group contributes to the overall wellness of a healthy and growing body. We have brought the My Plate to life with our creative activity sheets.
My Plate Learning Sheets, Tips, Worksheets and Coloring Sheets
Food Groups and Healthy Eating Learning Sheets 
The Food Groups - My Pyramid Worksheets 
Color My Plate With The Colors Of The Rainbow Activities Worksheet Page
The most healthiest foods are very colorful. And we know kids love colors! We have created some special worksheets to help kids see the fun of coloring their plate like a rainbow! 
Fun Food Label Learning and Activities Worksheet Page
Learning to read food labels is a key step in choosing healthy foods. We make the food label fun! 
See all the different free printables healthy categories 
free-printable-handouts for parents for national nutrition month

Quick Healthy Tips for Parents


Reference Articles and Facts for Parents and Teachers    

Here are some excellent articles that promote healthy choices for children and families written by our dietitians and nurses.
They are excellent reference materials and handouts for parents.

Other Resources

Great website with helpful parenting ideas. Today I ate a Rainbow Blog
Sandra Frank, Ed.D., RD, LDN Dietitians-online Blogspot






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