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Healthy Habits

Aug 26, 2013

Reasons to Practice Proper Portion Sizes for Your Children

Providing a healthy meal for your child is only part of ensuring his or her success against obesity. Did you know that many people miscalculate portion sizes on a regular basis? This can attribute to some of the cause in our overweight society...
Aug 19, 2013

Back-to-school tip: Add some water to the lunchbox

Back to School Pledge For Kids Kids drink too many sugary drinks for lunch and as an afterschool snack. This school year make the pledge to help kids substitute one sugary drink for water. Pledge to promote water to ...
Aug 12, 2013

Michelle Obama Gets Her Groove On Promoting Being Active Is Fun

This is why I love Michelle Obama so much. Not only is she out there promoting healthier choices for children and fighting childhood obesity with so many wonderful programs but she also reminds us that we got to keep it fun! Thank you Michelle ...
Aug 09, 2013

Childhood obesity in preschoolers has declined

A new report released by the CDC states that childhood obesity in preschoolers has declined in several states*. Obesity rates decreased slightly in 19 of 43 states and territories. Obesity rates increased slightly in 3 of 43 st...
Jul 29, 2013

Children's Dental Health Statistics Remind Us To Get Kids Brushing!

With summer here and kids eating more snacks, it is so important to maintain good dental health. We talk a lot about healthy snacks but healthy teeth are a combination of healthy eating and healthy dental habits. Unfortunately, the Centers for Dis...
Jul 17, 2013

Tackling The Food Battles In Your Family Webinar

I am happy to share this wonderful webinar that you still have time to see from my friend and healthy kids advocate, Carmen Johnson. It is about 90 minutes but it will fly by. Carmen is very interesting and knowledgeable about changing fo...
Jul 15, 2013

Kids Health: Reducing Sugar in Children’s Diets

Sugar is found in a myriad of different kids health foods – sometimes without us even suspecting it is there. Alarmingly, sugar isn’t just in the obvious, like lollies and soft drinks, it is often a key ingredient in fruit juice, fla...
Jun 26, 2013

Help kids substitute sugary drinks for water

Make a pledge to help kids replace one sugary drink with water. You know most kids don't get enough water. Water is so important and necessary for children (really all of us) because it: hydrates the body, since most of our body (cel...
Jun 24, 2013

Parents role important in helping kids make healthy choices

New study out of Duke shows that parents are very influential in food choices kids make and can make a difference in their eating and physical activity habits. But I am not surprised by this study. We seem to need a study to tell us what is...
Jun 07, 2013

How to Teach Your Son Personal Hygiene the Fun Way

Your daughter may be neat as a pin, but getting your son into the shower is perhaps the most difficult part of the day. Though there are always exceptions to the rule, girls tend to be cleaner as toddlers and grade school goers compared to boys. ...
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