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Childhood Obesity

Feb 07, 2011

Food to Reduce- key message of new food guidelines- fun ideas for families

Let's take a look at the final key message that the USDA wants families to focus on: Key Message #3:  Foods to Reduce 'Lower your sodium (salt) intake..  Compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, and frozen meals and choose the foods with the lowe...
Feb 04, 2011

Key messages new food guidelines- Increase fruits, vegetables and switch to fat-free or low fat dairy

We shared information and practical tips for the first key message of the new USDA  dietary guidelines earlier this week. Today, let's take a look at the second key message that the USDA wants families to focus on:Key Message #2:  Foods to Increase '...
Feb 02, 2011

Balance calories, a key message in new food guidelines- what it means to your family

Let's take a look at the first message that the USDA wants us to focus on:Key Message #1  Balancing Calories Enjoy your food, but eat less Avoid oversized portions Concept:Calorie balance is the key to preventing weight gain.  Weight gain comes fro...
Jan 19, 2011

Nutrition guidelines for school meals restricts sodium in kids diet

The proposed nutrition guidelines for school meals has been released and for the first time, it addresses sodium (sodium is found in table salt).The plan calls for a  gradual reduction in sodium levels over the next decade to: 740 milligrams per lunc...
Dec 08, 2010

Child Nutrition Act passes that will help schools feed healthier foods to kids

We are so excited that the Child's Nutrition Act has finally passed.  This bill is a big step in the right direction to help children all over the country get the healthy balanced meals they deserve.But I know many of you wrote your senators and repres...
Nov 29, 2010

Let's Move with First Lady Michelle Obama -TV show

Did anyone see First Lady Michelle Obama in her TV show called "Let's Move with First Lady Michelle Obama?"The one hour show was aired on American Network, TVOne and was centered around interviews with leading experts in this field.  This channel targe...
Nov 26, 2010

Top five worst kids meals to avoid when eating out with the kids

It is after Thanksgiving and you are rushing around in the mall for the early sales.  Perhaps you have kids in hand and they are starting to pulling on your sweater with those familiar words  "I'm hungry!"You may be looking for the nearest fast food re...
Nov 12, 2010

No toys in Happy Meals in San Francisco - new ban passes

San Francisco has banned toys associated with meals that are poor in nutrition.The city's Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the ordinance, which they hope will force fast-food chains such as McDonald's to make their children's m...
Nov 10, 2010

World Series parade has junk food characters - no fruits and vegetables

It was one week ago today when I stood on Market Street with thousands and thousands of other San Francisco Giants fans and celebrated the World Series victory that was indescribable!  I was born and raised in San Francisco so this is an event that we ...
Nov 08, 2010

Healthy Monday - Teach kids to increase energy with exercise

Elevate your family's energy this Monday.This Monday teach kids to make an effort to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Your family's stamina will increase and you’ll have more energy!Thanks to Healthy Monday organization for sharing their monday...
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